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DT  Directional Drilling specializes in horizontal directional drilling techniques. These techniques are useful on many different types of projects, including those aimed at establishing gas, oil, water, sewer, communications, or fiber optic lines. That may explain why the services of companies like DT are frequently required by governments, gas companies, pipeline contractors, water contractors, and municipalities. Anywhere there is need for directional drilling, DT is there.

The reason horizontal directional drilling has become the industry standard is because it is less damaging to the environment than other drilling techniques. Horizontal drilling enables contractors to run pipelines under rivers, highways, mountains, lakes, crowded urban areas, and runways without disturbing the surface area. For those concerned with environmental impact, there is no other way to install pipeline.

Here is how horizontal directional drilling works. Different soil types will impact the speed at which a pilot hole can be dug: harder soil will require more time to pilot hole completion. Second, the pilot hole is enlarged in a process called reaming. Increasing the size of the machinery with each successive pass, the pilot hole is gradually enlarged until it reaches the required size for the pipeline. Pipelines as large as 1 -2-3 -4 -6 -8 -1 0- to lager in diameter have been successfully pulled.

A mud pass clears debris from the reamed hole, and finally the pipeline is pulled into the hole. DT Directional Drilling pipeline  For more information on the major projects completed by DT or for a service estimate, please call Operations Manager John Nash at 
            503-544-0229   call his cell at 503-255-4436 , or email him at  dt@drilltech.biz

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