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Directional Drilling & Boring Contractors

          Underground Boring Contractors
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Directional drilling phone lines, fiber optic conduits,sewer,water,storm, gas pipe, power cables. 1"-2"-3"-4"-6"-8" -"10 - " 15

Water Line Bore

DT Directional Boring Contractor have the equipment and experience required to install your new utilities without disrupting the surrounding area. DT Using new high tech boring machines they are capable of running virtually any diameter utility through rock, soil, clay and many other ground types underneath buildings, highways, roads, rivers and other obstructions. Using high tech electronic guidance systems, the operator can steer the drill with the precision required to make the pitch and depth of the new utility with an incredible amount of accuracy through virtually any type of ground material making your boring project Reduces Impact and saving money.

Underground Utility Contractor specializing in underground utilities, Site Development, Earthwork, and Directional Boring.

  DT on commercial utility, sewer, water, electrical and gas lines under buildings, schools, hospitals, office buildings and obstructions without disturbing them.      

Washington / Battle Ground, Ridgefield, Camas,  Washougal,
La Center, Yacolt, Woodland, Amboy, Hockinson, Mill Plain, Salmon Creek,  Brush Prairie, Orchards, 

     503-544-0229        dt@drilltech.biz

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